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The award-winning pivot design is changing how we live outdoors with a full 170° range of motion.

he original StruXure system has been improved and perfected since its inception in 2011.

Its award-winning pivot design gives a full 170° range of motion to provide a cool oasis, regardless of the sun’s position. Now available with StruXure’s Somfy technology, the Pivot can intuitively control the effects of the weather to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.


When closed, the patented louver design interlocks, providing a solid shelter from rain. Water is pitched into the system’s 360°integrated gutter.

Angled In

Shaded space provides protection from the harmful effects of the sun. The Pivot provides SPF protection and allows you to spend more time outdoors without added sun exposure.


Allow maximum light into your space with the louvers fully opened. Minimizes resistance and uplift in high winds.

Angled Out

Angled louvers provide cool shade and air flow without blocking your blue sky view.

If you are considering purchasing a louvered pergola system for your Scottsdale area Home, please visit or reach out to Denise at 602-770-3970

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