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Solutions for Your Space

Each StruXure can be customized to meet virtually any existing architectural elements.

StruXure’s philosophy is “if it can be designed and engineered, we will build it.” Truly amazing designs can be created to meet your exact requirements, however demanding, unusual or eccentric. We take pride in making your StruXure system one of a kind. With so many options and limitless possibilities, how do you know where to begin? Our product specialists can help you design a StruXure for your outdoor space that is uniquely yours.

Add Accessories:

Ceiling Fans

Accent Lighting

Custom Colors

Wood / Faux Cladding

Custom Columns

Cornice Style Facade

Pergola Cuts / Corbel Ends

Motorized Solar Screens

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Heating & Cooling

If you are considering purchasing a louvered pergola system for your Scottsdale area Home, please visit or reach out to Denise at 602-770-3970

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