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Range of Motion: 170 ° Manual Operation, 140 ° Motorized

The StruXure Pivot and Slide give you the power to control the way sun and rain affect your outdoor living space.

We designed our StruXure Pivot to create shade in any space, regardless of position of the sun. Our quiet linear drive system is smooth and efficient in moving the louvers from zero to 170° for manual operation and 140° for motorized. This range of motion provides complete control over both light and weather in your outdoor environment, so your plans can stay as flexible as our systems.

Your perfectly-angled louvers allow for excellent air flow, creating a cool, comfortable outdoor space, where it’s possible to enjoy both the feel of the shade and the beauty of a clear blue sky. We like to think of it as the best of both worlds.

If you are considering purchasing a louvered pergola system for your Scottsdale area Home, please visit or reach out to Denise at 602-770-3970

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