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Environmental Innovation

StruXure is proud to continue its tradition of environmental innovation. Using sustainable building materials, we’ve created the strongest, lightweight StruXure that is virtually maintenance free. From the selection of our building materials to our innovative designs and lean production methods, StruXure is committed to operating as a sustainable business and reducing its overall environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Design

Each StruXure system is manufactured in the US and f abricated with recycled aluminum, making it an extremely green product. The louvers can be oriented in an y direction desired for maximum control over sunlight. That means in the winter, you can let sun through to provide warmth and light to adjacent rooms. In the summer, you can angle y our louvers to provide energy-saving shade. At any time of year, rain water can be reclaimed from closed louvers and us ed to water plants. In every season, there’s a reason to love StruXure’s eco-friendly design.

If you are considering purchasing a louvered pergola system for your Scottsdale area Home, please visit or reach out to Denise at 602-770-3970

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